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Developing content that engages, enriches and empowers the user.

As a learning company, we understand that “Content is King”. Therefore, with Rio you get quality-rich content, every time. Creating good content is a lot of hard work. You need the right kind of people, doing the right kind of research to create just the right kind of delivery. And it is a continuous effort to keep doing better at the process. At Rio, we understand this imperative and constantly challenge ourselves to create content that innovative, creative and engaging.

  • School Books

    Learning is all about setting the right foundation, for unlearning something wrong is much more difficult than learning something right. In addition to conforming to the study norms of the relevant board of education, RIO’s content promises to be appealing, engaging and addictive.

  • Higher Education/STEM

    Learning needs compound as the learner progresses from elementary to higher education. It is imperative to understand the complexities of higher education and create material that has the relevant pedagogical elements conducive to adult learning.

  • Language Training

    Language learning is more widespread than ever before, typically with digital learning solutions coming to the fore. At Rio, we create content and learning environments that facilitate language learning. Extended learning is ensured through apps.

  • Instructor Led Training

    It is important for the content to be presented or taught in line with the pedagogical elements. Specially when the content has been designed to be taught by an instructor, it is important to create instructor training manuals to ensure that the learning is in accordance with the pedagogy.

  • Illustrations

    High quality illustrated works that help reinforce learning and engage the young learner. Illustrations help in breaking the monotony of regular textual learning and provide a visual variety that commands attention and aid retention and recall.

  • Technical Documentation / Manuals

    Learning is all about knowing “how to” do things. Specifically across technical profiles, there is a need for on-hand go-to resources for any kind of “how to” questions. Our content is approved by an esteemed panel of SMEs that ensures thorough technical documentation.

  • Localization / Translation

    Enhance the reach of your business, connect with a wider audience, improve sales and increase revenues. Localisation helps you achieve all this and more by forming relevant linguistic, social and cultural connects with the audience in a specific market.

  • Distance Learning Program

    With distance learning needs on the rise, it is important to understand the finer nuances of the process to create effective products. At Rio, we understand the dual imperative to deliver Quality Content through Simplified Communication, and therefore create Self-Instructional Modules for “Individualised Learning”.

  • Typesetting

    Good presentation is key to any product or service. Needless to say, that the same is all the more for a printed/digital product. A robust design and meticulous typesetting add to the visual appeal of the book. A well aligned and formatted book aids smooth navigation and enhanced readability

  • Content Editing

    Our seasoned language professionals provide a range of content editing services like substantive editing, comprehensive editing, macro editing, and heavy editing that help evaluate the overall formatting, style, and content of a document in order to enhance visual design and comprehension.