FAQ support


Here are a few of the common ones that we get, along with answers to the questions. We will add to this list when we get more FAQs. Contact us if any of your questions are not answered here.

What kind of content and technology solutions does Rio provide?

Rio creates all sorts of learning content, from school books to higher education books, university courses to vocational courses, classroom learning to distance learning, corporate training modules to customized learning needs and more. Further, if you need any assistance in setting up your website and customizing or developing any web or mobile application, then come to us.

Are the content solutions original?

Yes. Our content solutions are completely original and unique. The content goes through a series of rigorous checks and feedback to end up as the final product.

What kind of Adaptive and Technology solutions does Rio provide?

Rio provides digital learning and delivery solutions like E-learning modules, LMS, assessment platforms, gamification, apps, ERP solutions, virtual classroom solutions and more.

What kind of industries do you cater to?

We specialize in developing custom content, and therefore, are not limited by the type of industries that we can serve. Learning is universal. We can create all types of content. All we need to do is understand the requirement of the client in question.

Do you have a team in-house or do you outsource content and technology?

We have in-house content and technology teams that continuously work towards creating quality rich and innovative products. We also have a pool of SMEs(Subject Matter Experts) that give valuable inputs to enhance the finished product.

Can Apps be personalized?

Absolutely. We can personalize student interface to suit the different needs.

Is the LMS customizable? Can E-learning and Virtual Classroom be integrated into the LMS?

Yes. The LMS is completely customizable and e-learning and virtual classroom can be integrated into it, as we work on open source technologies like moodle, sakai, canvas etc.

Is there a standard assessment platform that you make, or can you customize it as well?

We can customize all our solutions. Be it content or technology

Do you offer training and support?

Absolutely, each product/solution comes with training and support.

Do you share samples of your work?

Yes, we do. Please request a demo/sample or write in to us for more details. You can even view the portfolio available on the website.