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Some of the common rapid authoring tools we use are adobe captivate, articulate studio and storyline, adaptive framework, ispring, HTML5 and xmlisation

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Every client has a different learning need. Some require instructor-led learning, some web-based learning, some distance learning, while some demand a mix of different modes of learning. We, at Rio, understand this and create content for different types of learning requirements, while delivering through any medium — Digital, Mobile, or Print.

  • Video based learning

    A front runner in distance learning and virtual classrooms, our video-based learning helps replicate real-time classroom/instructor led learning and ensures that the learner gets a personalized and enriching experience.

  • animations(2-D/3-D)

    It is all about making learning fun and engaging. Good quality animations add to the experience of learning by visually breaking down complex concepts into relatable ideas.

  • Interactive E-learning

    High quality eLearning courses geared to keep the learner fully engaged and motivated to learn. We offer reality-based e-learning scenarios with high quality, meaningful content, followed by real-time assessment to evaluate learning.

  • e-books(e-pub conversion)

    Specialists in electronic publication that can be downloaded and read on devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers, thereby ensuring that learning is adaptive and ongoing.

  • game based learning/gamification

    Our game-based learning solutions comprise activities that are competitive, interactive, and use entertainment to balance subject matter with gameplay and the ability of the player to retain and apply the said subject matter to the real world.

  • Simulations

    We create simulated learning environment that helps replicate real-world activities and processes in a safe environment, thereby enabling instructional scenarios where the learner is placed in a “world” defined by the teacher and seeks solutions to the problems therein.

  • e-learning localization

    Localization services go a long way in enhancing learning as they narrow down the gap between knowledge and seeker. Our authoring tools are translation-friendly and help localize the courses to suit the needs of a wider variety of learners.

  • mobile learning

    The world has converged to a smart hand-held device. People use this device not just for communication but also, increasingly, for content. Enabling education or training through portable computing devices such as smartphones or tablet computers is the need of the hour, and at Rio, we address this need.