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What is

tHRive Zen?

We’re in the business of creating more secure and rewarding futures for our clients and their employees — whether we’re designing an induction program, assuring legal & legislative requirements or aligning workers with workforce needs.

At tHRive Zen, we provide comprehensive human resource consulting, across employee life cycle, employee wellness, POSH and more!

To provide end to end support to our clients by creating and developing solutions and training programs that can address and adapt to dynamic business needs for creating happier and inclusive workplace.

To become your partner of choice for creating harassment free workplace by educating, training individuals to share responsibility for building inclusive, thriving and happier culture to improve well being and overall performance for leading a meaningful life.

What we

do at tHRive Zen?

Creating an ideal work environment involves meticulous planning and careful nurturing. It does not happen on its own. A successful workplace clearly defines its purpose and that of its employees, maintains healthy and robust channels of communication, invests in not just in processes but also in people and, most of all, ensures that the place of work is a safe and happy place to be.

tHRive Zen has created a program called POSH-UP to understand the law relating to Prevention of Sexual Harassment of women at workplace and gain better insights into its application. The program has been crafted to suit every gender. Our aim is to create a safe and healthy environment for workforce in the organisation, thereby resulting in better output.

Corporate wellness training does much more than improving employee health and morale. The Wellness program offered by tHRive Zen focuses on increased productivity, decreased health care costs, and a more attractive bottom line. The best part is that the program can be refined to suit any organisation so that it is better aligned with the overall corporate goals.

Having a well-groomed and well-adjusted staff paves the way for efficiency and greater productivity. However, this can often be an uphill task, especially considering the quick turnaround time that both the organisation and the employee desire. The onboarding services provided by tHRive Zen take into account both the individual and corporate personalities and ensure that a seamless integration comes into effect.

We have team of consultants available to conduct in-depth investigation sexual harassment and other types of discriminatory harassment at workplace.

We serve as an external members to assist the Internal Complaints Committer (ICC) for conducting and conducing Sexual Harassment Investigation

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