Our range of products and services are simple and impressive, affordable and scalable, innovative and adaptive, and most importantly, you have the option of standardized, ready-to-use products/services along with custom solutions, specially crafted for your needs..


Giving a colourful spread to school learning..


Technologically Empowering learning, systems and beyond…

Custom Solutions

Fitting our solution to your need, and not the other way round.

Skill Enhancement

Enablement + Engagement + Empowerment = Enhancement

K-12 – Books, Digital Media

RIO’s primary association has been with learning, specifically K-12. Needless to say that the same shall continue to be a primary product line for us. At the outset, we would be launching K-12 series, all subjects, for the class range 1-5, in accordance with CBSE curriculum and NCF. The following year, we plan to execute the same with the addition of complete curriculum for class range 6-8, as well. Moreover, all in-print content for K-12 would be complemented by its digital assets. In addition to conforming to the study norms of CBSE and NCF, RIO’s content promises to be appealing, engaging and addictive. Future plans include an extension of CBSE curriculum to cover products for the higher classes, and an introduction into the ICSE curriculum.

Technology Products – E-Learning, LMS, ERP, CRM, Apps

The terms “Learning”, “Systems” and “Processes” can no longer be envisaged without considering their digital relevance, thereby creating a (growing) need for digital evangelists who can create such solutions. It is important to understand technology and create simplified solutions that are easy to use, but for a Learning Solutions Provider, it is much more important to understand the process of “Learning”, that can be optimally extended through the digital medium. Someone who understands the relevance of the above and creates an amalgamation of the best of both worlds, succeeds in creating products that deliver learning, effectively and efficiently, through technology. The Technology portfolio at RIO is enriched with such solutions across Learning and Systems Management – E-Learning, LMS, ERP, CRM, Apps

Services – Consulting, Web Communications, Rio-Meeting

Besides “Content”, “Connectivity” is the other important half of one’s digital needs. In this age of digital convergence, one is always on the look-out for web communication options for various needs –  be it one to one, one to many, many to many. The requirement maybe small scale or large scale, but the principle remains the same. We, at RIO, understand this and create solutions that are easy to use and procure. And for companies that might want to engage in creating their own solutions, we are happy to consult.

Digital Solutions – Customized Solutions

Every need is different and so every solution must be unique. We realise this, at RIO, and offer a “create your own solution” scenario that offers solutions, specifically catering to your organizational needs. Our solution specialists assess your requirement vis-à-vis scale, complexity, deliverables etc. and create a solution that matches every need across Content, E-learning/M-learning & Technology domains.

Skill Enhancement Cell – Trainings, Test Prep, Assessment Platform

Improvement is not a stage but a process. In one’s strive to achieve perfection, continuous improvement is the key. On the professional front, this improvement/ change can happen across three key areas – Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. The Skill Enhancement Cell at RIO offers intuitive solutions that recognize this need for improvement, address it and evaluate it with quantifiable results.

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