“I learned that from my brother!”

Whether you would like to admit it, or not, your brother has probably been one of the best teachers you ever had. Simply because growing up with brothers will teach you a lot about yourself. Having brothers will, without a doubt, make you a stronger woman. You learn about respect, understanding and boundaries.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which he taught you to be a better version of yourself –

  1. You learn how to deal with men at an early age – Having a brother is like winning a scholarship to study something that comes at a high price to those who don’t have the luxury of having one.
  2. You become patient – OOOOHHHH YESSS !
  3. You are a fighter – And that scar on your brother’s chin proves that you are a good one!
  4. You are the boss – You are practically groomed to be one.
  5. You learn to adapt – Waterworks fail to work with brothers, you always need Plan B.
  6. Your brothers teach you what you want in a partner – And when you finally do find someone that you think is perfect, your brother might still raise an eyebrow.
  7. You can hold your own – Of course you can. How else could you survive?
  8. You don’t get intimidated – The Patriarchy? LOL !!!
  9. You know how to get what you want – You learn how to deliver an effective argument, and more often than not, how to win one.
  10. You teach them how to respect women – You get to be a teacher too, and help them find their better version.

Having a brother is actually a great learning experience, aside from the intentional lessons that he would like to teach you.