Knowledge is a destination, but Learning is a journey, often inescapable. Knowledge seekers are always in search of such (learning) paths. Traditionally, these “paths” were defined and paved with the sole perspective of hurtling towards the “destination”, at maximum speed, with the intention of being the “first-to-arrive”. The “approach”, however, has changed, over the years. With time, many new “paths” have come up, some more popular than others. The “popular paths” don’t encourage speed, nor a need to “reach first” at the destination. They encourage the joy of the journey, taking in the scenery around, creating happy memories and finding “something new” on the way.

Let us take a look at the key differentiators between the Traditional and Modern Learning Methods –


Not to say, “that was bad” and “this is good”, learning is more than memorizing and repeating in the right order. It is about absorbing, processing and application. It is more focused on creating a better understanding of things, than having more things to understand. There is a shift from “I have to know more” to “I want to know more”. And keen learners are always on the look-out for solutions that enable just that – enrichment.